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This review of the last episode of the show is WAY long, and due in part that I just don't really want to work. If you don't want to read my snarky comments about SW, then skip.

So, the last episode for Season One of The Clone Wars disappointed me. A lot. There are a few reasons for this.

Let me preface with the knowledge that I really have enjoyed this new series. There's a LOT to like. It's kind of renewed my vigor for loving all things Jedi. I've loved the episodes that have focused more on the Clone Troopers, and how their experiences have made them into different individuals. I like seeing adventures of some of the Jedi that we didn't see a lot of in the movies. I like see Yoda and Mace Windu show how they're the two top dogs. I love how they've played out Obi-Wan and Asajj Ventress, with their "darling" relationship. The space battles are fast and furious, full of lasers and explosions. Lightsaber and blaster firefights follow much of the same detail, and are fun to watch. I liked the animation detail when I first saw it, and love that they went with a painted palette of muted colors, and the super cartoony design.

There have been some weak episodes, and some stuff that kind of messed with some more established canon, but they've been minor things. Remembering that the target audience is really a 7 - 12 year old kid, you have to take that into effect when looking at the series as a whole.

Knowing that target audience, though, one should remember that these kids have probably played the video game: The Force Unleashed, and are aware of the awesomeness that one can do with the Force as an ally, and how destruction can occur at a rapid pace, even sans lightsaber.

In this show, I could almost care less about Anakin, and while I think the padawan Ashoka (a story line that I think should have went to Obi-Wan) was a good idea, her relationship with Anakin is poorly played out, and it's a mistake to allow the character (as a padawan learner) to show that she's educated enough to lead Clone Troopers in battle.

Anakin has been hot and cold. In some episodes, he is an unbeatable warrior, and in others he's dialed down, like someone who has no idea that he can blast through walls with just the Force.

So, some bounty hunters wander into the Senate building (how they got here, we don't know) on Coruscant, take out some of the Republic Guard (way too easy; we even see one of the Guard begging for help from Sing). They herd some Senators into a large conference room, hold them all prisoner, in exchange for the release of Ziro the Hutt.

Prior to this, we have a zero emotion scene with Padme and Anakin, where he proves how much he loves her by giving her his lightsaber. In the middle of their conversation, Bail Organa walks in, Anakin has to hide, and Padme has to conceal his lightsaber, accompanying Bail out of the room, to the meeting where they get held hostage.

1. Padme shoots Anakin a look when he's hiding, and she conceals his lighsaber in her robe. Duh. Toss it behind you, and let Anakin snatch it with the Force.

As the senators are being held hostage by a handful of bounty hunters (five or six, I think), Padme sees Anakin sneaking around. Cade notices this and shoots at him.

2. Again, duh, Padme. You've been in how many gun battles and hostage situations? Let Cade move, slide the 'saber out, and let Anakin snatch it with the Force.

Cade sends out a couple of guys to get Skywalker, because obviously a Jedi is really easy to capture, right? They play hide and seek with Anakin for a few minutes, and then he sneaks up on one of them (an IG-88 type droid) to over power him in a physical fight.

3. Hrmmm... I dunno. Have Anakin USE THE FORCE to pick up the droid, and CRUNCH him. Then use pieces of the droid to throw at the remaining bounty hunter, to take him down.

Since the above doesn't happen, the remaining guy runs back, and tells Cade "Oh, Jedi no havva the lightsaber! He's a sitting duck!" Cade dispatches this guy and Aurra Sing to retrieve Anakin.

Anakin is still sneaking around, trying to contact someone (comm black out), and plays hide and seek again. He runs across a tech back up (the guy causing the power outage and the comm black out), who slips back into a maintenance hatch, and Anakin is busy pushing a button trying to open a door when he's ambushed, tries to put up a "fight", and then the little guy he was trying to get in the first place gets the drop on him, and... tazers him.

4. Hrmmm... locked door. How about we USE THE FORCE! to pry it open.

It goes downhill from there, and the bounty hunters escape.

The writing of this episode left me sneering. Here we are with Jedi "at the height of their power", and by this time, Anakin Skywalker is not only a full fledged, ass-kicking Jedi Knight who has been in countless battles, and destroyed or killed countless enemies, yet we're shown him faltering because he doesn't have a lightsaber.


So, all in all, I liked 75% of this first season of the show. I'm glad it's own, and am glad it's coming back; I just hope the writers discover some stronger plot skills before going ahead with another lackluster episode.

That's all; move along. Move along.



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Mar. 23rd, 2009 03:20 pm (UTC)
Anakin Skywalker is an idiot. Getting set on fire like that was almost a boon to him, it now seems.

With any luck, the upcoming live-action show will indeed feature Sam Witwer in a certain starring role. Then we'll get our Force arse-kickery...
Mar. 23rd, 2009 08:34 pm (UTC)
Jude is completely obsessed with this show.
Mar. 23rd, 2009 08:37 pm (UTC)
It is a pretty good show; I just found this last ep lackluster.

I always hold out hope when my girls ask me if a new episode is on the DVR. I say "Of course! Let's watch it!" ;-)
Mar. 23rd, 2009 08:43 pm (UTC)
I'm kind of ambivalent about it, mainly because of the shadow of Order 66. I just know in my heart that Anakin marched into the Jedi Temple thinking, "Finally! Where is that little orange smartass?"
Mar. 23rd, 2009 08:48 pm (UTC)
Ya know, that's one of the reasons I don't care as much about storylines involving Anakin. We know where he ends up, and not much is being done to try and put more emphasis on his journey there (yet, I suppose). I like more about the smaller characters, and what they did during the Clone Wars. The same could kind of be said about the clones themselves, but it's interesting how they just turn as soon as the order is given, and we are seeing how much respect they give the Jedi.
( 5 shots fired! — Shoot! )

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